Hiring a Bookkeeper may be one of your best ideas yet!

TRG Bookkeeping has been providing bookkeeping services to businesses across Southeast Saskatchewan since 2003. Our customers vary from large retail stores to one-man operations and everything in between.

So how does this all work?

Well, it’s quite simple really. We do the book work so that you can focus on running your business. Having a contract bookkeeper saves you time, money, and training costs. Plus – you don’t have to worry about someone going on vacation, because we have a team that is always available.

What does a contract bookkeeper do?

The great thing about TRG is that we focus on your needs, not ours. What that means is … we do as much, or as little as you need us to. We do payroll, invoicing, accounts receivable & payable, bank reconciliations & deposits, GST, PST, WCB remittances, and much more. We can do it all, or just the things you don’t want to do.

We have a great office on 4th Street in Weyburn (right across from Starbucks!) but we also work right in the businesses of many of our clients. We’re very flexible that way. We’ll come to your place, or you can bring your stuff to our place. Either way – same great service.

For sure you’re wondering how much this all costs – and we can honestly say, you’re going to be pleasantly surprised at the costs. Not only are our rates low, but you’d be shocked at how efficient we are. As a rule, we can do do payroll in about half the time it might take you (because you shouldn’t be doing payroll, you should be working on your business) and we’re about half the price of your accountant.


Give us a call, or stop by and see us. We’ll get the coffee, ¬†and talk with you about how TRG Bookkeeping can help your business.


Here’s a short list of some of the services we can do for you …

Payroll: Paycheques, Payroll Remittances, T4’s & T4 Summaries, Record of Employment, Workers Compensation Board reporting.

Taxes & Remitances: GST, PST, LCT, Input Credits, and more.

Payables & Receivables: Invoicing & Accounts Receivable, Bill Payments, Accounts Payable, Tracking & Reporting Accounts.

Banking: Bank Reconciliations, Bank Deposits, Cash Flows, Credit Card and Line of Credit Account Management.

Reporting: This is important so that you are in the know. More than just your Profit & Loss, but Balance Sheets, Statement of Business Affairs, Employee Wage Costs and more.

Non-Corporate Income Tax